Thursday, January 26, 2012

PhotoKano PSP Out This Feb 2012

fotokano (16)

Manufacturer : Kadokawa Shoten
Port : Playstation Portable
Release Date : Feb 02, 2012
Genre : Adventure
Version : Japan
Photokano the new love simulation game.
Encounter on campus and talk to the girls, to enhance the atmosphere of the session (emotional) after the trigger can be a variety of different events photography. Classroom, playground, swimming pool, health center, etc., in accordance with their meaning in a variety of places captured the beautiful photo, of course ... but also a little H scenes.
Capture her beautiful moment and then her heart. With the camera in your hands, your can win the girl of your dreams in 2 months. The protagonist (you) is a normal second year high school student who fell in love with photography.
There are six lovely girls in school that trigger your shutter finger, take pictures of the charming moments and store them in your memory.
Chat with the girls and ask them to become your models. There are special photo sessions where the girls will pose for you. Fluffy cute or slightly spicy, everything is up to your tastes. And even when the session is over, you can still take pictures of the every day events. There are more than 500 events in the game, unlock them all to discover every side of the girls' personalities.

fotokano (1)

▲ inside the campus? Select an icon to a specific place to trigger the free event. Choose Red icon, then the story events occur.

fotokano (15)

fotokano (17)

▲ The gameplay unique system "Photo Session".

fotokano (1)-horz

fotokano (4)-vert

fotokano (5)-vert

fotokano (8)-vert

fotokano (10)-vert

fotokano (12)-vert

fotokano (14)-vert

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