Monday, January 30, 2012

Gundam AGE Episode 16 Review

Gundam AGE Ep 16 Second Generation "Gundam in the stable"

Wakening up from cold sleep, the Veigans. The abandon Mars colonize people.

Force to live in the harsh environment, their plan is to take back the Earth. Judging by their weapon and mobile suit, The Veigans have much more advance technologies than the people of Earth.

The new Gundam AGE Opening Song "Sharp"

Asemu Asuno (Voice by Takuya Eguchi) the son of Flit’s son, he’s a member of a mobile suit club and Romary Stone (Voice by Kana Hanazawa [yay! (^V^) more Kana Hanazawa]) the classmate of Asemu and also the School idol.

Zeheart Galette the Veigans Spy (Voice by hiroshi Kamiya) and also many old characters like Wolf (He's now Diva’s MS unit commander)

Flit Asuno he's now are the Commander of the Earth Federation Forces headquarters Big Ring (Flit you're old..(-_-)')

Emily is Flit wife and also Asemu sister Unoa.

Zeheart Galette, he transfer to Asemu school, his intentions maybe to spy on Gundam..

Dorados, the new Veigans Mobile suit.

Asemu activate the Gundam to fight the veigans.

Well.. Genoce could not match Dorados.

Asemu, his style of fighting is dual wielding sword.

Ending song " My world "

Next episode : Friendship, Love and Mobile Suit.

Till next time.

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