Monday, January 16, 2012

Superhero Taisen - All Kamen Riders vs All Super Sentai

Pre-order tickets for the upcoming dream crossover movie this May 2012 will go on sale this February 11th. The Viva City Cinema site listed the movie as “Superhero Taisen: All Kamen Riders vs All Super Sentai.”
Confirmed cast for “Superhero Taisen” includes Masahiro Inoue (Decade), Ryota Ozawa (Gokaired), Rina Akiyama (Naomi from Den-O), Kenjiro Ishimaru (Owner/Stationmaster from Den-O), and Momotaros. The director is confirmed to be Osamu Kaneda. Filming begins at the end of December 2011.
The movie will hit theaters in early May 2012. Previously rumored to be entitled “Kamen Rider × Super Sentai Cross Generation,” it is said have Kaneda Osamu as the director, and Shoji Yonemuma as the main writer.

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