Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sword Art Online Comes to PSP!

Namco Bandai going release this year the Sword Art Online the game for PSP!
The game going to follow the TV Animation's story!

Sword Art Online one of the new summer season's TV Animation.
Namco Bandai like with many other animations going to port the it to a game form.
The new Sword Art Online the game going to release this year for Sony PSP!

Kirito and Asuna.

Sword Art Online game going to has a multi-ending story line. As we wrote it's going to follow the story, but Namco going to built in a mutli-ending story with new scenarios.
The stages are going to have different animations in the game and you have to do rich quests.
You will have to face against in the quest with monsters during the adventures

The game going to has an AI communication system.
During the your gameplay you will be able to communicate with the other characters.
With your partner in comics style (bubble) you can read the communications.
Enjoy the battles with your AI Partner.

Since PSP is officially dead in the US, i dont think this game will be localize. Well hope some fans will make an English patch out of this game later.


  1. i pray we get it my only question is is it going to be turn based or live action

  2. I wish if they'd be an patch :(
    I want this so bad. </3

  3. pskkkkk....... i want it............ arrg....... panoo makukuha ang game nato?