Sunday, November 27, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 8 review

Episode 8 : We’ve lost something important again.

It's finally summer, time for their camping trip.

Yuu, Yusuke, Chie & Yukiko busy buying ingredient for the trip. They making curry or.. you would say Mystery Food

Nanako stunned, Yuu make some magic trick..

Yusuke & Yuu passed out.. from eating the Mystery Food X.

Aika you're every where... (-_-')

Naoki konishi & the gang.

Finally night time..Kanji been challenge to go to the girls tent to prove himself, that he is not homo.

The girls run away from their tent, because they knock out Kanji,, (Yukiko blush)

Yukiko & Chie in swimsuit.


Next week finally Rise will show up...


  1. on nuklear power forums, solid snake posted an interesting article concerning this episdoe.

  2. Do you think XANA from Code Lyoko poisoned Chie and Yukiko's cooking?Maybe that's the reason why Yu and Yosuke passed out.