Saturday, January 7, 2012


D.C.III Da Capo III PC Ver. Release This April

The official website for the D.C.III ~
Da Capo III~ states that the visual novel game will be release this year.
The official website also revealed the game's voice cast D.C. ~Da Capo~The cast for D.C.III ~
Da Capo III~ is as follows:
* Emi Nitta as Rikka Morizono
* Ui Miyazaki as Sheryl Yoshino
* Mikoi Sasaki as Himeno Katsuragi
* Chiyo Ōsaki as Sara Rukawa
* Eri Kaihō as Aoi Hinomoto
In addition, Daisuke Kishio will return as Suginami.

Releases Japanese
2012-04-27 15+ D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ First Press Limited Edition
2012-04-27 15+ D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ Standard Edition

Some pictures of the scan :

Synopsis :
The all year round cherry blossoms is a thing of the past, and now the island is normal.
Our main character is 2nd year student of the annex school Yoshino Kiyotaka, and is in the official newspaper club, along with his sempai the school idol Morisono Rikka (the club president), his sister-like childhood friend Katsuragi Himeno, his half blood cousin Yoshino Charles, the hard working kouhai Rukawa Sara, and the energetic and of weak constitution Hinomoto Aoi.
Unlike in the past, nothing mysterious happens, but one winter day the cherry blossoms start to bloom and a mail reaches everyone's cellphone: "If the cherry blossoms start blooming, in the promised place--", with date 1951.

*Now we just have to wait for the Anime version to come out. \(^v^)/

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