Sunday, February 26, 2012

Japanese Plans for Space Elevator in 2050

The space elevators that we see in Gundam 00 might become a reality in the near future if a Japanese construction company manages to realise its ambitious plans by 2050.

As we seen in Gundam 00

As reported on Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo-based Obayashi Corp. wants to build an operational space elevator by 2050. The structure would carry passengers to a space station 36,000 km above the Earth, where the station would house laboratories and living space. But the elevator ride would not be a fast one: the elevator car would carry up to 30 people at 200 kph, and the trip may take as much as a week.

Obayashi Corporation is a major construction company that has been working on amazing projects such as the 634-meter Tokyo Sky Tree and Dubai’s Metro Urban Rail System, at 75 kilometers the longest driverless rail system in the world,

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