Friday, October 14, 2011

MSW-004 Gundam [Kestrel]

MSW-004 Gundam Kestrel is a mobile suit that appears in the Advance of Zeta - The Traitor to Destiny series of light novels.

Gundam [Kestrel] is a prototype mobile suit developed and built at the Oakland Newtype Lab operated by the Titans. It was originally designed specifically to be piloted by Titans Cyber-Newtype Rossweisse.

The Gundam is equipped with a total of three generators in the body and both legs. Through the high-propulsion of this direct connected thruster, it possesses an overwhelming maneuverability and mobility despite being non-transformable. However, because the unit was originally created for a Cyber Newtype, the severe G maneuvers far exceeded the anti-G ability of general pilots.

Gunpla picture.

Art from light novels, Gundam Kestrel & it's pilot Van Asiliaino.

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