Thursday, October 20, 2011

Macross Frontier Movie 2 : Sayonara no Tsubasa review

Macross Frontier The Movie 2 : The Wings of Goodbye

Macross Frontier Movie 2 Sayonara no Tsubasa a sequel from the last movie continue with new story and music and have alternate ending from the tv series.

Alto and Ranka in awkward situations.

Ozma Lee arrive,,,,

Vajra still badass as ever.

Sheryl in prison,,,,,,,,and Alto new machine VF-29 Durandal Valkyrie.

Sheryl and Alto when they still little kids.

It seems Alto & Sheryl have meet before,, Guess what ? Isamu Daison in VF 19 from Macross Plus make a cameo appearance.

Roger & out!

This is all the action begin,,,

Alto made a conclusion and go with the Vajra,,,, leaving behind Sheryl and Ranka...

The Vajra fold with Alto ,,to,,,somewhere ,,,dunno,,,maybe to another galaxy,

Sheryl in comatose and Ranka still waiting for Alto to come back,,,,

Conclusion ,,,same as the Gundam 00 movie,,,,,Setsuna go with the ELS leaving behind his comrade,,, in this movie,,Alto go with the Vajra,,,never to return,, where? ,,dunno,,,,?

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