Friday, March 23, 2012

Guilty Crown Final Episode

The popular anime this season, Guilty Crown takes a closure at the 22th episode with bitter sweet ending.

Daryl with his new prototype enslave"Gespents" (Gespents sure remind me of Super Robot Wars)

Ayase enslave have "Funnel"(Gundam universe) weaponry.

Shu strikes Guy with single blow, ofcouse with the help from Inori.

All answer reveal as why Guy acting as villains.

Using his Kings Power, Shu gather all the void around the world.

In the end, Inori saves Shu by taking all the voids with her.

A few years has passed.

Shu is save but his using a prosthetic arms now, (Shu became fullmetal alchemist..\(-0-)/ )
Judging by Shu behavior, maybe Shu is blind too due to the effect of void genom.

I wish the anime would gone longer, it was a good anime though. The ending is kinda rushed but all ends well in the end.


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