Sunday, March 13, 2011

Persona 4

One of the best PS2 rpg game all time and the last on PS2 system.
Persona 4, without a doubt is my favorite game of all time Everything; from the cast to the story to the gameplay is amazing. The cast is composed of a bunch of high school teenagers with an incentive to save people from mysterious murders, and their town that's being threatened to be engulfed by a mysterious fog. You, the main character, is a silent protagonist. Through the decisions you make, you can increase your stats in various areas such as intelligence and courage. Your decisions also affect your relationship with other characters, which is extremely crucial to your abilities in battle. The rest of the cast will become your trustworthy companions for a whole year, all of whom you will work together with to solve the mysterious murders that have been occurring in the small town of Inaba. Each character is unique, with stories and backgrounds to tell. Your party members are all quirky in their own way, their personalities often contrasting with others in your group. Nonetheless, you all get along as best friends, and throughout your journey you'll establish a strong connection to each of your friends. The cast in Persona 4 is even more heavily defined than the characters are in Tales of Symphonia. Because of a more open world and setting to explore, the game is able to delve into the cast of Persona 4 much more deeply. Because the main character is living two separate lives; one as a student in high school and the other as a detective attempting to solve the mysterious murders. Due to this, as you simulate your life as a student and a detective, the main character is given more opportunities to interact with everyone in the game and get closer with each of them. Some you can choose to become lovers with, others you can decide to become best buddies with. Ultimately, many options are open to you. Because of this, many things can only be explored on a second playthrough. One playthrough will not be enough to get the most out of Persona 4. The only difference being, Persona 4 visits the nature of its characters much more deeply, which gives a lot of insight to human nature and its ups and downs. Persona 4's cast raises a lot of psychological questions to the reader; is what we're doing always right? Is it right for us to hide our true selves and put on a facade, a persona? Many of these questions are presented to the player several times, leaving the player to ponder the nature of society.

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the fast pace battle system and anime like dialog makes the game more exciting. Persona 4 takes virtually everything what was great about Persona 3 and polishes it to a high sheen. The result is stunning and it's arguably one of the finest games on the PlayStation 2. Persona 4 offers the same addictive mix of dungeon crawling and taking a student through a whole academic year in a Japanese high school. The real beauty of this formula is that every action you do in the game has a bearing on your character's development thanks to the game's social link system. The improvements that have been made here serve to make this not only a more enjoyable game but also a more accessible one. It's fair to say that Persona 4 is a truly memorable RPG and it's one that will ensure that the PlayStation 2 isn't finished with just yet.

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