Monday, October 8, 2012

Sword Art Online 2nd Arc Fairy Dance


 Sword Art Online 2nd Arc Fairy Dance

The first Arc of SAO is finish, now the 2nd arc will continue with more new characters and some old characters.

 Kirito is 16 old in this new Arc, looks the same but with the new avatar elf looking.

Kirito imouto, "Suguha" age 15 , i bet she will play a major role in this new Arc. By the way she actually is Kirito cousin.

Asuna now with more ladylike look.

 Yui an AI program, she return again in this  2nd Arc.
Lyfa a new character, she kinda Kirito new partner. She is Suguha in real world. 
Agil, in the real world he runs a cafe.

         Sakura &  Alisha Lu, both are the Leader of the new guild in 2nd Arc.

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