Friday, December 16, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 11 review

Episode 11 - Catch me if you can.

Finally King Moron was found dead.

The gang feel down in the dumps again, until Aika serve them with Ultra Special Nikudon.

Kuma in the real world, but he is not hollow anymore,

Wtf! "Someone inside him?!"

Poor Nanako-chan buying grocery alone, until Mitsuo came to harass her.

Yuu came by to save the day.

Yuu give Mitsuo a cold stare, until he chicken out.

"Naoto the shonen tantei", actually Naoto is girl...duh..

Now Rise finally join the gang.

Kashiwagi Noriko, the new homeroom teacher...T_T'

Again Mitsuo came to harass Yukiko..

Next episode : It's not empty at all.

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