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Photo Kano Anime Start this April

Synopsis :

Based on the popular PSP game, Kazuya Maeda is a second-year high school student who takes pictures of girls with his camera that he received from his dad. The anime focuses on his romantic encounters with various girls at his school just like in the PSP original game. ( You can say this is a successor of Amagami )

Main Character :

Maeda Kazuya by Nobunaga Shimazaki i (Tari Tari - Taichi Tanaka)   
The main Character of Photo kano. He is student of Kouga High School class 2-B and not a member of any club, until now. He easily got bored of his previous hobbies before, which includes guitar, billyard, and dart, since he usually tried that to make him look cool in front of girls. On the last summer break, he got a DSLR camera from his father so he brings the camera on the school when the second semester started. The first day he brought the camera he is scouted by Katsumi and Kudou, club leader of Photo Club and Photography Club. 

Niimi Haruka by Itou Kanae (Haganai - Sena Kashiwazaki, SAO - Yui) 
  The main Heroin,also the angel of the school who popular with both of boys and girls because of her good look and kind personality. She is Tennis Club member and currently its ace. She is also the main character childhood friend but on the middle school they went to different school and on the first grade of High School they were on different class. Along with the gap created by their surrounding, main character and Haruka weren't that close anymore, but Haruka still gets along pretty well with Kanon.

Maeda Kanon by Ise Mariya (Haganai - Yusa Aoi , HunterXhunter - Killua ) =
She is the main character Imouto( little sister). She often called his Big brother "Niiyan". She actually not related by blood   ( PS: Spoiler... lol )

 Misaki Nonoka by Saitou Chiwa  (Madoka Magica- Homura)  Ace pitcher of the Soft Ball Club. Very energetic, tomboy, and positive girl. She's very close with the main character as they went to the same middle school, to the point of main character calling her on first name basis. She called the main character "Dattsun", cause the main character like to play dart. 

   Yunoki Rina - Oogame Asuka (  KissxSis -Mikazuki Kiryu )   Classmate of Nonoka from class 2-A and close to her too. Even though she is the only member, Aki gave her permission to formed Cooking Club as she really like to cook. Despite good at cooking and baking cake, she is quite clumsy but doesn't want to admit it. Other than "Housewife of the Academy" nickname due to adult aura she has, she also has "Rinappai" nickname given by boys because of her big breast.
Sakura Mai by Kanemoto Hisako  (Ika Musume) Kanon's best friend who gets to study in the same class, 1-B, with her. Mai is the new member of Gymnastic Club but already gets popular with boys, she even has "Gymnastic Angel" nickname even though she didn't know about it.  <
Misumi Tomoe - Sawashiro Miyuki  (Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter)     Main character classmate who is very shy, always being alone, likes to read, and very quiet. She has inferiority complex thinking she is plain, boring normal girl. The only girl she close to is Haruka.
Sanehara Hikari by Mizuhashi Kaori (Mami from Puella Magi Madoka Magica)   One of member of Photo Club and student of class 1-C. A quiet and cynical girl who only likes to take picture of environment and never taken picture of people. Since she starts photography earlier than the main character, she has better knowledge of camera so she often teaches MC about photography technique and camera.
Muroto Aki  by  Nakahara Mai  (Clannad's Nagisa Furukawa)  The school's Seito Kaichou (Student Representative Leader) and class 3-A student. A very serious, strict, and the top student of the school who always get high score on tests. She never tolerate anyone who breaks school's rule and don't hesitate to scold those who did even though he/she is a teacher. An ex-member of Swimming Club. She always bothered by her flat chest as she easily gets irritated if someone mention it or talk about breast size.

 Ootani Momoko by Endou Aya (Date a Live - Reine Murasame, Macross F - Sheryl Nome)   = College student who become temporary test teacher as her intern and act as the temporary homeroom teacher for 3-A . She is a genius from top university and popular with boys and girls because of her looks and "big sister" personality rather than normal teacher.

Kudou Hiromichi by (Midorikawa Hikaru -Gundam Wing Heero Yui , / Kyosuke Little Busters) =
Club leader of Photography Club and student of class 3-A. Master of art of stealth and despised by majority of girls on the school because of his ideal that erotic picture is an art. He also encourage the main Character  to take Ero's Picture (perverted pictures).

Starts this April 4.

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